100 Days of Creative Inspiring Quotes – Halfway point

Posted on: 15 Oct 2016
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Make a Difference quote

Hand lettering design of a quote to inspire each day for 100 Days

About 53 Days ago I embarked on a creative project called the ‘100 Days Project’. It’s a project where any creative person can sign up to do anything creative every day for 100 days.

The tricky part was choosing a creative project that was challenging, but maintainable.

100 Day Creative Project Topic

I toyed with ideas of ‘Photographing something inspiring each day’, ‘Recreating a website’ or simply ‘Documenting something creative each day’. Soon enough, I settled on something that would be creatively challenging, with no big end result (besides 100 pieces of work). This would be something that I hadn’t done in years and something I could be free to accept if it wasn’t perfect each day.

I chose to design with hand lettering (and a couple of pens/pencils) a quote to inspire based on each day. Inspiration is all around us and sometimes I feel like it needs to be called out so we can take a moment to really consider it.

So each day I spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes drawing a quote that I came up with based on my day. Some days the quote comes from something I read or see, some days it comes from people I speak to or places I visit and some days it comes from thoughts or memories of my own.

I haven’t cheated on any day by doing a day ahead or before, so while some may not be top quality, I’m proud that I at least manage to do them whether it’s in my lunchbreak, at an airport or at 11pm at night when I was just about forget!

Below I’ve included just a few of the first 53 days (I’m just over half way now).


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