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Designer and Front-end Website Developer

About Ngaire

Ngaire Ackerley

Ngaire Ackerley

Hello there!

I’m Ngaire Ackerley, a designer and front-end website developer. With over 10 years experience in the UK and New Zealand, with clients worldwide, I can help clients seeking a piece of design, a new website or some consultancy on how to improve an existing website.

I design and build custom websites that are responsive, user friendly and stand out from stock-standard templates that you may see on the market. I have a strong focus on making websites user-focused to help sites reach their clients goals. For freelance projects I use the WordPress CMS for it’s incredible flexibility and easy to use interface for clients.

If you need you need a new website or blog, piece of design or even just a bit of consultation on a potential project feel free to contact me at [email protected].


I have been working in the design, digital and website industry for over 10 years now, both in New Zealand and in London, UK.

My experience spans across a diverse array of companies and agencies, from corporates like NZME and LexisNexis to smaller agencies that work worldwide with small to medium businesses and charities. I love the hands on experience dealing directly with clients and making a difference in the world through their projects.

I hold a first-class Postgraduate Honours degree in Computer Graphic Design awarded by Waikato University and Wanganui School of Design, the result of 4 years of study and an overseas scholarship to Austria’s University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg.


I believe in helping others wherever possible. From charity events to helping organise meetups. I have presented at and co-organised the WordPress London Meetup and the WordPress Auckland Meetup in the past. I’ve also spoken at various seminars and conferences to charities and businesses about design, websites and WordPress in both the UK and USA. Check out design and WordPress development presentations »

Travel Photography and Writing

As you may notice from my website, I’m a keen photographer and travel blogger in my spare time. I’ve worked with various organisations and companies in UK doing photography and guest blog posts where needed. I’ve also been published in the odd travel magazine and published my own photography book called ‘Footprints through East Africa’.

My biggest side project over the recent years has been my travel and photography blog http://kiwifootprints.com.


I’m currently available to take on freelance projects. I love working with people making a difference in the world.

I’m open to freelance, remote work or relocation. If you’re interested in working with me then email [email protected].