Social Change through Design

Making a difference in the world

Design for Social Change

Helping wildlife conservation in Africa

Helping wildlife conservation in Africa

I have a huge passion for working to make a difference in the world. I’ve travelled to so many places and met so many amazing people and organisations along the way that have inspired me to make my time on earth really count (not that I’m planning to move to another planet anytime soon).

I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing charities and organisations across the globe, while I worked in London and volunteered in Africa and South America. Now that I’m back in New Zealand (and open to working with organisations anywhere in the world) I want to continue to help make the world a better place, whether its relating to nature and wildlife, people or the environment.

Bring about Social Change and Conservation

If you’re a charity, organisation or company that works with others to help make a difference then please get in touch. I want to help you help the world through good design. This means really listening to your cause, asking the hard questions to help make the design project successful and together strategising towards the best solution. I’m inspired by others that do amazing things in the world, so if I can assist in a small way – whether it’s for print design, a website, digital solution or even photography, then I’m in!

Responsible Design

Designing while being responsible is an important part of how I work. This means creating websites that are accessible and user friendly, that people with disabilities can use. It means creating pieces of design that communicates the necessary information in the best possible way to reach those who need it most. Responsible design means being honest and mindful of others. You never know who will use your website or come across your brochure or poster.

My Dream: to make a difference

My dream is to make a difference with the time I have (hopefully there’s still a lot of it left). I’m passionate about my work and have sheer joy when I work with lovely clients and colleagues that share my passion for social change and conservation. So, if you’ve read this far, why not contact me to discuss the potential of working together?

Email: [email protected]