Coolfields Consulting Identity and Business Card Design

What I was responsible for in this project:

  • Identity (Logo) design
  • Business card design
  • Project management

Identity Design

The new identity/logo design for Coolfields Consulting needed to reflect their business with strong accessibility and web ties. I spent time speaking to the client and brainstorming ideas, researching related topics and various typography ideas.

This idea came initially from icons relating to seeing and hearing difficulties. It has a strong colour contrast that is important in accessible websites so that they can be easily read by people with visual impairments.


Coolfields Consulting logo

Business Card Design

From the logo the business cards needed to maintain a clean and simple design that may also relate to the website. This meant also doing mockups of how the logo would look on the website and then how that could relate to the business cards. Clean and simple with good contrast and plenty of white space makes for a professional profile. I kept the preferred font that the client liked to reflect who they are as a company also.

Coolfields Consulting business card

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