New Zealand Herald Redesign

What I was responsible for in this project:

  • Co-design with external agency
  • UX website design
  • Planning, testing and consultancy
  • CSS/HTML/Git


During the New Zealand Herald redesign process I have been the designer within NZME that worked with an external design agency to get the site design ready for launch in 2017. I worked closely with Washington Post and the NZH developers, testers and product managers.

I am the ongoing designer that makes various adjustments to the website for a better user experience, adjustments for clients and other NZME brands. User Experience is at the forefront of every project I work on because without a good user experience I believe goals cannot be achieved to a high level.

Design of the NZ Herald weather

Design of the NZ Herald weather section, as well as areas throughout the website

NZ Herald Regional Weather

NZ Herald Regional Weather Design

This project is constantly ongoing and improving.

I also work across many of the other NZME brands including the radio websites, Bite, Viva, Regionals, WatchMe, Driven and more. This work includes apps for various device mediums.


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