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Posted on: 16 Jul 2015
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Jam Mayer

Jam Mayer

Earlier this week I attended my first meetup since I’ve returned to New Zealand. It was a bloggers meetup focused around WordPress this month. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet some people that were interested in WordPress, the content management system that I’ve used for the last 5 years as I design and develop websites for businesses and charities.

With around 20 people, 2 organisers and the location of the sparkling Zomato office in Auckland it was set to be a good night. One of the organisers – Jam Mayer kicked off with a basic overview of This was followed by guest speaker – Dan Ballard talking about monetising your blog and a bit about self hosted websites.

Sadly there wasn’t enough time to go into a great deal about the two ways of using WordPress for blogs and websites, but it got people interested which was great.

Dan Ballard

Dan Ballard

As a past organiser of the WordPress London meetup group and avid speaker to businesses and charities I have a selection of presentations for people involved with WordPress or seeking a bit more information. They can be found at

Nothing was mentioned about the ability to have custom designed themes in WordPress at the meetup this week, so this blog post I wrote about that recently may also be of interest to bloggers or people starting out with WordPress and wanting more customisation and individuality than what stock themes allow

I attended the NZ Bloggers Network meetup after creating a guest post for everyone on their site about 10 Top Tips for WordPress Bloggers. While the website is a work in progress for the network organisers, I hope that the information in that post is helpful to people. Within it I cover the 10 topics of:

  1. Take measures to avoid getting hacked
  2. Set up your front page
  3. Use menus appropriately
  4. Use heading tags properly
  5. Paste text into the Text tab
  6. Use widgets
  7. Set the correct timezone
  8. Schedule posts
  9. Have a responsive theme design for your blog
  10. Have a blog that is cross-browser friendly

The full guest post I wrote can be found at

For more information about design and development of WordPress websites feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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