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Posted on: 16 Jul 2013
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I recently had the pleasure to speak amongst many talented WordPress designers and developers about ‘Designing for WordPress and Web Design: Bridging the gap between design and development.’

From presenting this talk to the WordPress London Meetup group last year, I decided to update the presentation to include a few new bits and a few new examples before presenting at the UK’s WordCamp Lancaster. Since the presentation is image heavy and I expand on points a lot, I thought it would be most useful to people visiting this post to be able to see a screencast of my presentation. Without further ado – please see the video below for the screencast (maybe make a cuppa before you sit down to watch and listen) and if you’d like to revisit any slides they are situated just below the video along with the resources.



Eye tracking study reveals 12 website tactics

Minimalist Web Design: When Less is More

How Limitations Improve Design

The Invisible Side of Design, by Vitaly Friedman

Understanding Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Colour Scheme Inspiration

Main website example in this presentation: http://www.butterfield.com/

If you’d like to find out more or get in touch, please email [email protected].

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